Moving the KGameRenderer framework to pseudo-kdereview

Stefan Majewsky kdemailinglists at
Sun Jun 27 19:09:16 BST 2010


I have finished a first feature-complete implementation of the KGameRenderer 
framework. For the uninitiated: KGameRenderer is a small SVG->pixmap rendering 
framework for use in KDE games. It combines several rendering optimisations 
(multi-leveled caching, dedicated rendering threads). My plan is to integrate 
KGameRenderer into libkdegames and slowly port the half-baked SVG rendering 
code in our games to KGameRenderer.

KGameRenderer currently exists in a Git branch which can be obtained from 
git:// (branch "kgamerenderer"). There is 
also a review at

Please review the code especially for API and ABI issues. If no objections 
arise, I will dcommit my local work branch to trunk two weeks from now.


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