KXMLGUI - User definable toolbars and actions

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Mon Jun 14 17:59:05 BST 2010


if I understand you correctly, these are actually two issues. The first is 
adding actions to an actioncollection at runtime. One solution - although 
perhaps not a terribly elegant solution - is this:

- Create a dedicated KXMLGUIClient to keep these and no other actions.
- Create/modify the ui.rc for this client at runtime, adding an <Action>-tag 
for each action. Be sure to increase the version number on each revision.
- You will need to remove / re-add the client from / to the factory() after 
any modifications.

Note that you can also work without a ui.rc-file (using setDOMDocument()), but 
then you need to make sure that the KActionCollection saves its settings to 
the config (KActionCollection::write/readSettings()).

The second issue is combining actions from several different KXMLGUIClients 
into a single toolbar. This is already possible, if the toolbars of all 
clients have the same name. Unfortunately, the KEditToolBarWidget will still 
list the actions of each client, separately, instead of breaking them down by 
toolbar name. But I think this is an isuse of making the KEditToolBarWidget-
GUI smarter, not something that would require changing any details of kxmlgui 

Being able, as a user, to define a new custom toolbar, and to add actions from 
any active client to it, would be a logical next step. I believe, what would 
be needed (besides the GUI to configure this), is to keep track in the local 
ui.rc file, whether a toolbar was pre-defined, or user-defined. This is to be 
able to purge user-defined toolbars from clients/parts, when they become empty.

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