string freeze exception for oxygen-settings and oxygen-demo

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at
Sat Jun 5 18:20:41 BST 2010


KDE4.5 oxygen has been enhanced with two applications for "advanced" users:
- oxygen-settings that controls advanced style and decoration configuration 
options that are hidden from the default "systemsettings" configuration dialogs
- oxygen-demo that shows how all Qt/Kde ui elements are rendered by oxygen 
(for showcase and debugging)

These two apps are shown in the following screenshots:

Sadly enough, I realized only today, _after string freeze_ that I forgot to 
"internationalize" the strings shown in the list on the left, and the title on 
the bottom left. I'd like to ask permission for committing the missing "i18n" 
calls, found in the attached patch. 

(patch applies to /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/kstyles/oxygen)

If this is too much work, I don't think it is too much of a big deal (since 
these are advanced apps), and I can wait after kde4.5 is branched.

Thanks in advance,

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