The art of setting text to KStatusNotifierItem

todd rme toddrme2178 at
Wed Jun 2 17:20:32 BST 2010

On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 8:29 AM, Thomas L├╝bking <thomas.luebking at> wrote:
> Am Wednesday 02 June 2010 schrieb Andriy Rysin:
>> Got a little problem with this bug
>> 1. Allow setting text to KStatusNotifierItem (and let it deal with picking
>> 2. Drawing text halo, e.g black text with white halo - I tried quickly and
>> could not find with a quick and reliable way to get the nice text: if you
>> 3. "Cheat" by finding out (somehow) how to get the systray background and
>> just set the text color to be "opposite"
>> I am leaning towards 3 if there's not-so-ugly way to get systray
> 1 & 3 may fail if the background is translucent / transparent and you face
> some random wallpaper (which could alter pixel values on a high frequency ->
> no color would be entirely "correct")
>> background, but I would also consider 2 if somebody can point me to
>> reliable algorithm that provides nice text drawing on random background
>> (including gradients) without knowing the font face and size.
> how do you paint text w/o knowing font face & size?
> However, you would just render the text with the halo color into a "big
> enough" QImage (demanded size, check QFontMetrics, + blur radius padding),
> apply some blur fliter, maybe stregth the output (for gaussian) by overlaying
> it by itself with 66% opacity, paint your final text (black) on it and convert
> the result to a pixmap.
> You'll get a nice halo and it should work across all backgrounds... (and oc
> put this solution into KStatusNotifierItem if this helps elsewhere)
> Thomas

Would it be possible for themes to specify a halo color, and fall back
to one of the other solutions when it isn't?  It seems having text
easily visible in some widgets is a fairly common problem in themes.


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