Review Request: DBus spec compliant service names

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Wed Jun 2 07:21:04 BST 2010

Em Quarta-feira 2. Junho 2010, às 01.36.18, Aaron Seigo escreveu:
> According to the DBus spec (
> ), services on the
> bus may only have [a-zA-Z0-9_] in them, must start with a letter and be no
> longer than 255 characters. For apps with illegal characters in them, such
> as plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook, this causes warnings to be printed
> that give concern to some users. It also means that apps that are strict
> about these things may not show these services. Right now dbus-daemon does
> not enforce this requirement, so it's a theoretical-in-practice problem at
> this point as far as I can tell.
> This patch makes the names compliant ... but will spark a lot of changes
> for us in workspace (all those calls from control panels, plasmoids, etc.
> to org.kde.plasma-desktop for instance) as well as patches to apps such as
> kquitapp (so that it would turn plasma-desktop into plasma_desktop
> internally). It would also break any scripts that assume names like
> "plasma-desktop". I'm not sure it's worth doing for this reason. It was an
> easy patch to do, however, so I figured I should at least float it past
> the rest of the kdelibs developers. Thoughts?

Bus names *can* contain a dash. Interface names cannot.

The warning you're getting is a QtDBus bug and should be fixed in the library 
itself. It generated the name automatically and it should itself know what to 
do there.

From what I can tell, the patch is wrong. Please instead fix this in the 
interface name generator in QtDBus to protect against invalid characters in 
the XML. I will accept the merge request with the bug fix.

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