Signal/Slot connection errors

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Tue Jun 1 21:12:16 BST 2010

Tobias Koenig wrote:
> Hej,
> attached are the reports for signal/slot connection errors in kdeadmin and
> kdeutils. I know that Friedrich is the maintainer for kdeutils, but is
> there somebody who maintains kdeadmin? Anyone willing to fix them?

I'll take care for the KGpg ones. Adding kdeutils list to CC so that the 
involved people actually see this...

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ERRO: /mnt/archive/src/kde-trunk/src/kdeutils/kgpg/editor/kgpgeditor.cpp:[719:9] class KgpgEditor has no slot 'slotDownloadKeysFinished(int)'
# this slot does not exists in this class

ERRO: /mnt/archive/src/kde-trunk/src/kdeutils/kgpg/keysmanager.cpp:[1440:10] class KGpgGenerateRevoke has no signal 'revokecertificate(QString)', did you mean signal 'revokeCertificate(QString)'?

ERRO: /mnt/archive/src/kde-trunk/src/kdeutils/superkaramba/src/sensors/plasmaengine.cpp:[183:12] class DataEngine has no signal 'newSource(QString)'
ERRO: /mnt/archive/src/kde-trunk/src/kdeutils/superkaramba/src/sensors/plasmaengine.cpp:[169:19] class DataEngine has no signal 'newSource(QString)'
# should be Plasma::DataEngine::sourceAdded(QString)
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