RFC: On-demand package installation API in kdelibs

Martin Sandsmark martin.sandsmark at kde.org
Wed Jul 28 22:00:14 BST 2010

On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 10:36:06PM +0200, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> I assume we could check the locale settings and e.g. not offer to install
> libdvdcss in the U.S. but only in countries where it is allowed. Or to
> state that the user has to be sure that it is legal to install the software
> in the country he lives in. E.g. with weblink to further information
> explaining the situation about libdvdcss.

So we will need to research every locale which is in use in countries which
disallows certain kinds of software? And even then, who's to say that the
locale is trustworthy enough? (Though we may be able to prove that we
tried, and that our intents were noble or something. IANAL.)

Then it's much easier to just say something like "libdvdcss, which is illegal
in many states and required for playback of encrypted DVDs, is not installed"
to the end-user, and let it be up to him or her to check if it is something
he/she wants to download and install.

> For mp3 it's way easier as there are distributions shipping Fluendo codecs.

Then why do we need this at all?

Martin Sandsmark 

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