Opposition to removing old KWin themes?

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Wed Jul 28 20:09:49 BST 2010

Le Saturday 24 July 2010, Markus Slopianka a écrit :
> On Saturday 24 July 2010 14:16:13 Martin Sandsmark wrote:
> > I agree. That's why it is so unfortunate that the styles are statically
> > linked in
> We have some people whose paychecks are filled by Nokia.
> I'm sure they can use their influence to get the old styles out of Qt and a
> new, more modern but resource friendly style accepted.

This is not possible as they are part of the public API, and cannot be removed 
without breacking binary compatibility.

(And yes, there is Qt customers using such theme in their applications, and  
even reporting bugs against them, even if we tend to reject those bugs 

So the styles will NOT be removed from Qt 4.x
You will have to filter them out in the config.

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