Simply getting what we want Re: removing old KWin themes

Aaron Peterson myusualnickname at
Tue Jul 27 19:41:35 BST 2010

We should probably be focusing on ways to get people what they want,
stuff we will naturally categorize as more options are presented.

KDE 3.5 had a welcome screen, and I saw some posts about people
wanting a welcome plasmoid widget.  We could help guide people to the
settings they want.  (I don't see a bug for this)

I posted a feature request for "import/export settings" that would be
a cool way to help people clone another users settings, including
shortcut keys, themes, mouse behavior, and others.

I'm just saying that, because we already have a way to hide these with
a config file, we could have a  neat_freak style and behavior kit that
hides these

we could have a clutter_junkie style and behavior package, where all
options are displayed...

 Someone could make a migrate_from_apple_style , and we could have
Migrate_from_windows,   KDE_Default,

We could have evolutionary shaped settings, where we do: KDE
experimental-settings (please provide feedback),   and use this to
gain real world user data. ( We probably should not be telling each
other made-up statistics supporting our causes.)

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