Opposition to removing old KWin themes?

Chani chanika at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 07:34:50 BST 2010

> The biggest problem with this issue (widget styles), is that it is
> inherently technical and complex, with how many widget styles in Qt use
> inheritance (from these other "ugly" themes) to make it easier to implement
> a style, that requires a technical solution.

yuck. something to fix for kde 5 perhaps? ;)

> And while this thread has gone
> way past useful at this point and may not have been started correctly, I
> think some of the technical solutions presented here may not have surfaced
> if this particular problem had been solved otherwise, at the expense of a
> slightly noisy day on a single mailing list.

the technical problems could have been brought out in a less bikesheddy way, 
I'm actually a bit unsure about what technical stuff was important in the end 
- iirc we can't remove or move the themes because of some weird BC issue, but 
we can hide them? and I don't remember hearing anything about inheritance...

also, the other day I discovered that the windeco config dialog has a GHNS 
button. which means that I can download whatever crazy theme I want! so even 
my nostalgic desire to keep old themes (except motif, I *hate* motif with a 
passion because one of my old teachers introduced it to a class as The Linux 
Theme) isn't relevant here, all we need visible by default is a couple of good 
themes and an accessibility/network/whatever theme. :)

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