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Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Fri Jul 23 19:24:52 BST 2010

A Dijous, 22 de juliol de 2010, Giulio Camuffo va escriure:
> Hi all KDE devs,
> I've moved to kdereview/plasma/containments/ Grouping Desktop, my pet
> project which I've been working on these last months.
> It is a Desktop and a Panel Plasma Containments, in which I added the
> support for grouping Applets in grids, in tabs, in a stack or in simple
> frames.
> I've been developing this since the last months of 2009 and i fell now it
> is, while not bug free, quite stable and clean.
> On
> ktop/README?view=markup there is a quite comprehensive README so I'm not
> repeating all of that here. Entry on kde-look:
> I uploaded a video on
> youtube, if you want to have a quich shot (even if that is old) :
> Probably the best target for this is kdeplasma-addons, event if I don't
> hide that I'd like to see it in kdebase. :)

Some i18n comments

  i18n("Add a new ") + AbstractGroup::prettyName(group)
should be
  i18n("Add a new %1", AbstractGroup::prettyName(group))
and ideally should be a i18nc explainig what %1 is

needs to be i18nc explaining what this General is

  tabs << "New Tab";
sounds like something that should be i18n'ed

Your does not include the ui files so they can not be properly 

Some code efficiency comments, in lib/groupfactory.cpp you do

AbstractGroup *GroupFactory::load(const QString &name, QGraphicsItem *parent)
    QList<GroupInfo> giList = m_groups->keys();
    foreach (const GroupInfo &gi, giList) {
        if ( == name) {
            return (*m_groups->value(gi))(parent);

    return 0;


AbstractGroup *GroupFactory::load(const QString &name, QGraphicsItem *parent)
    GroupInfo gi(name);
    AbstractGroup *(*)(QGraphicsItem *) foo = m_groups->value(gi);
    if (foo) return (foo)(parent);
    else return 0;

should be the same and faster (since it does not to go through all the map) 
(i'm not totally sure if foo is correctly declared but i hope you get the 

    QList<QGraphicsWidget *> children = childrenToBeMoved.keys();
    foreach (QGraphicsWidget *child, children) {
        int tab = childrenToBeMoved.value(child);
        m_children.insert(child, tab);
should be rewritten using iterators to avoid doing lots and lots of unneded 
accesses to the map.


> Grettings, Giulio

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