networkmanagement moved to extragear

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at
Fri Jul 23 13:10:30 BST 2010

Em Quarta-feira 21 Julho 2010, às 11:28:19, Sebastian Kügler escreveu:
> Hi,
> I've moved the networkmanagement stack from kdereview/networkmangement to
> extragear/base/networkmanagement today. The new checkout URL therefore is:
> svn+ssh://
> While we initially decided during Akademy that it's basic functionality
> which belongs into kdebase for a complete experience, in the end we went
> for extragear/base for the following reason: We need intermittent releases
> between KDE SC releases: Now you could say "just roll a tarball of that
> directory then and release that". We could have done that, but either way
> we'd force packagers to split out networkmanagement from base again in
> order to be able to ship the updates.
> Intermittent releases that won't fit into SC releases could contain:
> - more complete support for mobile broadband connections
> - UI and workflow improvements
> - support for other backends (non-NetworkManager)
> Once we've managed to get all this stuff in, and we consider the
> networkmanagement stack mature, we want to move into kdebase.
> Cheers,

Don't forget to update the data in the release script :-)

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