networkmanagement moved to extragear

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Wed Jul 21 15:28:19 BST 2010


I've moved the networkmanagement stack from kdereview/networkmangement to 
extragear/base/networkmanagement today. The new checkout URL therefore is:


While we initially decided during Akademy that it's basic functionality which 
belongs into kdebase for a complete experience, in the end we went for 
extragear/base for the following reason: We need intermittent releases between 
KDE SC releases: Now you could say "just roll a tarball of that directory then 
and release that". We could have done that, but either way we'd force 
packagers to split out networkmanagement from base again in order to be able 
to ship the updates. 

Intermittent releases that won't fit into SC releases could contain:

- more complete support for mobile broadband connections
- UI and workflow improvements
- support for other backends (non-NetworkManager)

Once we've managed to get all this stuff in, and we consider the 
networkmanagement stack mature, we want to move into kdebase.

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