What should a distribution for better accessibility support in KDE 4

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at pardus.org.tr
Sat Jul 3 13:18:30 BST 2010


I'd like to discuss what a KDE distribution should do in terms of packaging and integration for giving a better accessibility experience to the users.

We currently miss a lot of crucial parts (even things like speechd avoiding kttsd to be built). One of our internship students will aim at improving the current state.

Is there any guide, howto, TODO list, etc. that you can point me? There are a lot of concepts that I'm not familiar at all so It's very easy for me to get lost. We're currently using KDE 4.4 and will switch to >= 4.5 in our next major release.


Ozan Caglayan
Pardus Linux

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