[Kde-accessibility] focus tracking

Sebastian Sauer mail at dipe.org
Sat Jul 3 12:55:41 BST 2010

Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> On Friday 02 July 2010 09:17:48 PiƱeiro wrote:
>> From: Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet at gmail.com>
>> >> In terms of "complete all this":  GS-mag supports another route for
>> >> controlling its settings, namely, GConf.  Furthermore, that part of
>> >> the
>> >> code is in the process of being converted to GSettings [1].  The idea
>> >> is that by changing a user's session wide magnification preferences
>> >> via
>> >> GSettings live-updates the magnifier's settings.  A concrete example
>> >> is setting the mouse tracking preference in Orca's magnifier when
>> >> running
>> >> gs-mag.  In this case, Orca uses GConf to change the user's magnifier
>> >> mouse tracking desktop preferences.  GS-mag "hears" that change and
>> >> responds appropriately.
>> > 
>> > Ok, thanks all for the responses. A couple of questions if you don't
>> > mind, to check I understand this properly: - AT-SPI does not have a way
>> > of tracking focus for magnification purposes?
>> AT-SPI provides a way of tracking focus in general. Not just for
>> magnification purposes.
>> > - So Gnome-Mag has developed an API for this, but it's currently CORBA
>> > based and thus needs changing
>> gnome-mag has developed an API so other apps can use it. Yes, the
>> current one is CORBA based, work in progress to migrate to DBUS. [1]
> So 'other apps', does that mean Orca and other screenreaders, or does that
> mean EVERY application needs to support it for the magnification to be
> able to follow focus?!?
> Or can any magnification tool follow focus in any app which supports
> AT-SPI properly? Sorry, I don't really know how all this is chained
> together....
>> > - apps need to support this API for magnification to properly work
>> This is the reason it is being implemented in Orca, as it one of the
>> basic a11y tools in gnome, an it is already "talking" with AT-SPI.
>> > So, if this is the case, I wonder what the plans are? At the very least
>> > having a standard developed for apps based on D-BUS which can be
>> > implemented by eg OO.o and Qt and KDE apps too, would be nice. I wonder
>> > if it's possible to make this part of AT-SPI somehow?
>> I don't understand this paragraph sorry. What it is required to be
>> implemented by eg OO.o? What feature are you missing?
> I think I'm misunderstanding something here...
> I'm mostly concerned with getting the magnification (either in Compiz,
> KWin, Gnome-magnifier or KMag) to follow focus - so does that need changes
> in applications or not? Is AT-SPI support enough?

and my question;

What code in Orca(?) can someone look at to understand how such zoom-follows-
keyboard focus-tracking functionality was done?

Olaf =?iso-8859-1?q?Schmidt-Wischh=F6fer?= wrote:
> For the KDE Plasma Desktop default configuration, it might be possible to
> automatically start a very small tool for simple focus-tracking that
> disables itself once Orca is started.

... that sounds like the way to go for me at least for now.

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