Finding shortcut

Michael Jansen kde at
Sun Jan 31 21:40:35 GMT 2010

> you and i both know that we disagree quite strongly about other matters
> related to global shortcuts, matters which cause usability problems for
> plasma-desktop (and other apps, i imagine) which we therefore work around
> in our application code but which you have your own reasons for having
> implemented them as you have.

And i told you uncountable times i did not implement or design that stuff. I just maintain it 
currently. I joined kde shortly before 4.0 was released. The stuff was already there.

And i asked uncountable times to write down your problems with the way global shortcuts are  
currently implemented so we all can take a real look and think how to solve it.

Something the plasma team still failed to provide.

Instead i again and again just get complains and then sarcasm and then people getting totally of 
having fun ending in some totally off-target solution from your side ( 
kdebase/workspace/plasma/desktop/shell/plasmaapp.cpp:111 ) that is especially made to ridicule the 
global shortcuts stuff and doesn't help. Which is always the time i stop caring. I helped amarok, 
kwin, krusader and some other to solve their/some global shortcuts problem. The only team unable to 
accept that help is yours.

Btw. Thanks for the explanation about naming conventions. I appreciate your work on kde and the way 
you seem to want to help everyone. But you have to understand im tired of your behaviour in that 
particular regard. So stop it and help solve the problems instead of always bringing up the same old 
complains ("Re: KGlobalAccel Notifications").


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