KWebKitPart (webkitkde) in kdereview

Urs Wolfer uwolfer at
Sat Jan 30 16:38:25 GMT 2010

I have just moved playground/libs/webkitkde to kdereview.

It's the (Qt)WebKit (and kdewebkit) based KPart.

The other parts (kdewebkit, the QtWebKit integration into KDE and 
QNetworkAccessManaged) are already in kdelibs.

The plan is to move kwebkitpart after the review phase to extragear/base.

There is no user documentation available since it would not make much sense 
for a KPart; it's the task of the integrating application.

Feel free to review things and fix / comment.

Btw, kdelibs 4.4 is required for building. If you still want to build against 
4.3, use the old temporary copy in playground/libs/ which will get dropped 
when KDE SC 4.4 final is out.

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