kcm_devinfo moved to kdereview ( Infocenter KCM )

Volker Lanz vl at fidra.de
Fri Jan 29 10:54:17 GMT 2010

On Thursday 28 January 2010 20:59:44 David Hubner wrote:
> I have moved the kcm devinfo from playground to kdereview. Its a solid
>  based device information viewer that hopefully will replace the devices
>  kcm in Infocenter.

Please make all text in the right hand pane selectable so it can be copied 
(think of UUID).

The plural of "battery" is "batteries".

New source code surely should be consistently indented (no tab/spaces mix and 
always the same indent size). It should also generally be consistently 
formatted in a readable way.  30 lines of switch-case without a single new 
line is, at least for me, very hard to decipher.

New source code should not have commented out debug- or test-code. We have 
revision control.

You need not use Q_UNUSED if you don't care for the argument at all (i.e. not 
even for doxygen), you can just leave out the argument.

Why use QList<QString> everywhere when there's QStringList?

Volker Lanz

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