kcm_devinfo moved to kdereview ( Infocenter KCM )

David Hubner hubnerd at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 28 19:59:44 GMT 2010


I have moved the kcm devinfo from playground to kdereview. Its a solid based device information viewer that hopefully will replace the devices kcm in Infocenter. 

- Tree like view of all devices.
- Information on all devices detectable by solid 
- Display IP(V4) information and status on NIC's 
- Automatic insertion and deletion of devices in the tree

At the moment it can replace the Network Interfaces, Devices, Sound, Processor Information and Usb devices KCM in Infocenter. Hopefully it can replace the partitions KCM soon as well. ( see TODO ) 

- Submitted two patches to Solid, if they are added i should be able to add volume and storage device, available and used space meters. 

Main KDE Libs Needed:
Solid::Control (KdeBase)

I am hoping with some input it can be moved into KDE. 

David Hubner
IRC: hubnerd
MSN: hubnerd at hubnerd.org
ICQ: 24308559

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