Adapting kcfg.xsd to match support for dynamic config file names

Tobias Koenig tokoe at
Mon Jan 25 18:56:06 GMT 2010


kcfg.xsd has the following entry:

 <xsd:element name="kcfgfile">

which means that every .kcfg file must contain an entry for the
configuration file it shall write to.

However there are several use cases where it is not possible to
provide these information. In Akonadi for example we have the resources which
are applications that are started with an unique identifier as argument
and this identifier is used to create the application name that is passed
as 3rd argument to KCmdLineArgs::init(). So every resource has its own
configuration file, depending on its application name.
Of course these information are not available at compile time, only at runtime,
so require the config file name in the .kcfg file doesn't make sense here.

If no 'kcfgfile' is given, kconfigxt falls back to the default config file
<appname>rc anyway, so can we change the .xsd file and add 'minOccurs=0' to this
entry to make it optional?

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