[PATCH] New image loader (Softimage PIC)

Ruben Lopez r.lopez at bren.es
Mon Jan 18 09:07:46 GMT 2010

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On January 14, 2010, Ruben Lopez wrote:
>> ...and found nothing about coding style. Then I used the search box with
>> "coding style" and finally found it. Now I understand that I could reach
>> it from the "Policies" menu in the sidebar, but when you still don't
>> know the web page, you tend to focus in the main content and let it
>> guide you, ignoring sidebars.
> ok, that was easy: i added a "Related" entry to the main page under 
> "Development". can you take a look at techbase.kde.org and provide feedback on 
> whether that may have helped you find the relevant info or not? thanks :)
I think that now it is much easier. I would suggest also having it as a 
"Related" entry in the "Development" page under "Standards & 
Guidelines", as it is even a more specific relation.


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