[PATCH] New image loader (Softimage PIC)

Ruben Lopez r.lopez at bren.es
Thu Jan 14 10:40:19 GMT 2010

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On January 13, 2010, Ruben Lopez wrote:
>> Please, understand that we are a company with our own coding style
>> policies and deadlines. We really want to contribute with the
>> open-source community as much as possible, but having so many
>> restrictions to the contributed code makes it very expensive for us to
>> keep up with these contributions.
> While I understand how code consistency issues like whitespace can be a bit of 
> a pain at times, it ensure that the code remains more maintainable and easier 
> for companies such as yours to dive into the code. It's an investment in our 
> shared future. 
I totally agree. The difficulty arises because we also have our own 
coding style guidelines, and have to adapt the code. In fact we had to 
do several iterations to completelly adapt it. I have to admit that I 
didn't digged too much into the kde development page to find some coding 
style guidelines, and even when I resolutely looked for them, following 
Sebastian advice, they were a bit difficult to find.

> If there is a way for us to make the processes more transparent (e.g. where 
> would you expect to find such guidelines) and straightforward (the code style 
> guidelines are very brief, imho) we are always open to input.
I tried to find the guidelines following this path:

...and found nothing about coding style. Then I used the search box with 
"coding style" and finally found it. Now I understand that I could reach 
it from the "Policies" menu in the sidebar, but when you still don't 
know the web page, you tend to focus in the main content and let it 
guide you, ignoring sidebars.

I think that having a tool that automatically adapts the coding style to 
your standards would be great for external contributors such as us. 
Kdevelop seems to be this tool, but its auto-formatting features doesn't 
follow your coding style (maybe because kdevelop itself has a different 
one), and it is not possible (at least with version 3.5.4 in Fedora Core 
10) to change this behaviour.

About the coding style being brief, I find it very similar to the Java 
coding conventions, maybe you could use them as a template to write your 
own. But having a good tool to reformat source would turn this to a 
really low priority issue. I leave here a link to the Java coding 
conventions, though:

> Thanks very much for the patches, they are appreciated and valued :
Thanks for your help. I find the KDE community and processes very 
organized in general, and I appreciate your will to keep improving it.

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