KDE 4.4 Qt version

David Faure faure at kde.org
Wed Jan 13 09:15:07 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 12 January 2010, Tom Albers wrote:
> Op Tuesday 12 January 2010 19:20 schreef u:
> > > So yeah, I think requiring Qt 4.6.1 would be a good idea, imho.
> > 
> > I agree, if we know that version x.y.z of package Foo makes our software
> > crash, we should require a version != x.y.z of Foo.
> > Even if that means to delay the release.
> > What's a release worth if it crashes all the time...
> Yes, I agree too. Since it is runtime, can't we detect at runtime and print
> a nice error message and refuse to start kde and the applications?
> Distro's which do basic testing will catch and fix it for their users,
> users which build themselves are warned that way too...

If you just detect the qt version and decide to error out based on that,
then it will break for the distros or people who have backported the fix
to that version. The only correct way would be a runtime-check for the actual 
bug, which is almost impossible (e.g. let's start a simple kde app and ask it 
to quit via dbus and let's see if it crashes.... ;)

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