kmix PulseAudio support

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Wed Jan 6 15:26:31 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 06 January 2010, Sebastian K├╝gler wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 January 2010 11:24:04 Colin Guthrie wrote:
> > After improving Phonon integration I've been digging through the kmix
> > code to try and add proper PulseAudio support.
> >
> > I now have a set of patches that add this support and can commit it to
> > trunk anytime people approve. I'm not 100% sure of trunk status due to
> > 4.4 being ready soon.
> >
> > So can I commit?
> We're in feature freeze, since somewhen in November. That means no new
>  features, no new strings for 4.4.x. Translation updates and bugfixes are
>  OK to go into the (soon- to-be-created) 4.4 branch, anything else has to
>  wait until trunk reopens for development again (which should also be
>  shortly). You'll hear about it if you read this list.
Maybe it would be possible to ship the patched kmix as a separate dedicated 
pulseaudio mixer in extragear? At least this would mean the functionality will 
be available during 4.4 for desperate users who are "suffering" from 

Best regards

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