kbuildsycoca4 manpage documentation in kdelibs/doc

Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Mon Jan 4 22:43:45 GMT 2010


attached an updated manpage documentation of kbuildsycoca4 in kdelibs/doc/ for 

One para in the attachment apparently seems to be wrong:
"<command>kbuildsycoca4</command>, as part of the &kde; command line
tools ensures the proper operation of &kde; by reading in all the
<literal role="extension">.desktop</literal>, <literal
role="extension">.directory</literal>, <literal
role="extension">.kimgio</literal> and <literal
role="extension">.protocol</literal> files to construct a binary

Does kbuildsycoca4 really read *.kimgio files?
Afaik it only reads *.desktop and *.protoco files, I am not sure about the 
*.directory files.

In which dirs does kbuildsycoca4 look for these files?
Burkhard Lück
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