Is still to be used?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Sun Jan 3 14:53:31 GMT 2010


am I correct that is now dead, and instead it is
Update: Oh wait, that was the DNS of my awful internet provider, which lied to 
me. Still, how long is to stay?

There are quite some pointers to the old pages, see""

Attached patches are for kdelibs and kdebase at least. Okay to apply, or 
better wait for after branching of 4.4?
In case to apply now I wonder about any breakage with the "Query" field of the 
ikws desktop files, where the translations are the original string.

BTW, dear Qties: still points to 4.5 ;)
And the nice find-most-similar-class-name-to-mistyped-input function is 
broken, too, including support for the CamelCase name. So no longer does it 
work to just double-click a class name, click a Konqueror url line empty, type 
qt:, paste by MMB and press Enter. I miss it! :)

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