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Sebastian Wiesner basti.wiesner at
Thu Feb 25 15:20:46 GMT 2010

On Thursday 25 February 2010 12:52:01 Markus wrote
> […]
> Half year later Sebastian introduced a new version that's now a KCM without
> any evidence that he even tried to collaborate with Mishaaq (kcm_touchpad
> author).

There is no evidence, for I did not try to collaborate with Mishaaq.  I looked 
at the sources of kcm_touchpad and disregarded the idea, my response to John's 
mail in this discussion gives some reasons.

I did not contact Mishaaq, and he did not contact me.  He forked synaptiks on 
bitbucket, when it still was a tray application, to re-write it into a kcm 
module and a daemon, but the fork was never active. 

I guess, we simply independently came to the conclusion, that our applications 
are too different for collaboration to make sense.  :)

> Any BTW, kcm_touchpad has a better rating than synaptiks on
> I never compared those two (except looking at screenshots), but it seems to
> me that kcm_touchpad is more advanced when it comes to scrolling options.
> If the screenshots on are not outdated, it seems more logical
> to be to merge Mishaaq's KCM with Sebastian's deamon to get the best of
> both worlds.

synaptiks and kcm_touchpad have a very different source code and use vastly 
different coding conventions.  Merging would mean, that large parts of one or 
the other application would have to be re-written, to the point, that it its 
just easier to simply re-implement the features in the other application.

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