[KDE Usability] On the future of the menubar

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 17:12:37 GMT 2010

>> Is that not true of a PDF viewer? The whole page doesn't fit on a
>> vertical screen (even less on a widescreen). So why does Okular still
>> have a menubar?
> Possible reasons:
> - Because its menu is too complex to qualify for "reduced menu"

It's a viewer. What need be complicated? I argue that systems settings
is far more complicated. Sure, the Okular devs managed to build a
complicated and powerful menu system, and I actually thank them for
that, but it need not be there at all. How many of those menus and
settings does one change often enough to not have it in a single
Configuration menu?

> - Because having to scroll to reach all the content of a dialog
>   (systemsettings) is really poor UI, whereas having to scroll through a
>   document which in most case won't ever fit in the screen (okular) is
>   more acceptable

So you are arguing that in Okular, one must already scroll, so let him
scroll all the more?

> - Because in Okular one can:
>   - zoom the document to fit the page
>   - enter fullscreen mode to use all the vertical space of the screen

These are good points.

>> Or how about a web browser?
> Rekonq is a web browser...

Ah, right, somehow I had hijacked this thread and turned it into a
Systems Settings discussion. Sorry.

>> Or an office suite?
> An office suite menu is usually too complex to qualify for "reduced menu"

So the focus is on the menu being complex and therefore important,
without consideration to the actual content area of the document? No
wonder it's gotten so complex.

Dotan Cohen


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