[KDE Usability] On the future of the menubar

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 13:39:04 GMT 2010

>> How is System Settings different than any other KDE application in this regard?
> Many KCM modules need a lot of vertical space. Some can be improved,
> others cannot (speaking as someone who spent quite some time trying to
> fix some of them before 4.0 was released). Therefore it makes sense to
> leave most space available to what matters.

Is that not true of a PDF viewer? The whole page doesn't fit on a
vertical screen (even less on a widescreen). So why does Okular still
have a menubar?

Or how about a web browser? Or an office suite? Most apps are limited
by vertical space, System Settings is not special in this regard.

> This is not specific to System Settings, so I think it would be good to
> standardize a "reduced menu" in the HIG, similar to what Rekonq created.
> The use-case would be applications which do not need large menus and
> have important vertical space needs.

In general, I agree. I have not seen the rekonq implementation, though.

> - This menu would be included in the toolbar either as a "Menu" button,
> or as an icon if horizontal space is limited (that's the case for
> Rekonq, where horizontal space is best left to the url lineedit).

There is a feature request for that:

> - This menu would contain items like "Configure", "Quit" or "Help", with
> "Help" being a submenu like Rekonq does.
> - A limit should be defined to let developers decide whether it makes
> sense for them to use a "reduced menu".

Dotan Cohen


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