[KDE Usability] On the future of the menubar

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 08:53:58 GMT 2010

> there is a discussion on k-c-d about making Rekonq the default web browser, in
> which it was noted that Rekonq in its current form does not conform the HIG,
> mainly because it is completely missing a menubar. [1]

1) Then conform to the HIG and try to get changes to the HIG made to
support your arguments.

2) System Settings does not have a menu bar either:

3) All tabbed applications are in violation of the HIG, as the HIG forbids MDI:

4) HIG violation seems to be a common way to reject perfectly valid
feature requests:

> I have written a very lengthy blog article [2] to explain my (attention:
> buzzword ahead) "SuperMenubar". I would very much appreciate if you could
> contribute your thoughts on this concept. Please note that there is no
> implementation at the moment.

I got about halfway down, still did not get the point of what you are
proposing, and stopped reading. Don't write an essay, just get to the
point and make a suggestion.

Dotan Cohen


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