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Sat Feb 20 22:27:39 GMT 2010

On February 20, 2010, todd rme wrote:
> There are two problems with this.  One is, if you read the forums,
> there are still many people who absolutely hate Dolphin.  There are,
> right now, probably 3 or 4 active threads with people demanding we
> drop dolphin entirely and make konqueror the default file manager
> again.  They feel betrayed by what they consider an unfulfilled
> promise of having no feature regressions in Konqueror's file browser
> mode (there are some IMHO pretty serious feature regressions in
> konqueror 4.x).

these people are so amazingly misinformed, it would be very nice if you or 
someone else who monitors those threads could set them straight.

the feature regressions in file management, which are very few by SC 4.4, 
would have been the same and probably _WORSE_ without dolphin. those 
regressions are almost entirely due to porting to Qt4. at least dolphin gave 
us more people working on it so that we aren't relying on David Faure on his 
own who is already pretty busy and only mostly-a-god :)

but the regressions in file management in kde4 have ~0 to do with Dolphin.

there was also no such promise about feature regressions in Konqi; we promised 
we wouldn't strip konqi down. i understand how that difference is probably too 
fine to be appreciated, but the rest of the above really ought to be made 
clear to such people.

> These are probably a vocal minority, but I think it
> would seriously hurt there loyaltly to KDE if not only did developers
> break what these people consider to be a promise of no feature
> regressions, but go further and break the promise of keeping konqueror

agreed on that.

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