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Sat Feb 20 18:46:56 GMT 2010

On February 20, 2010, Eike Hein wrote:
> On 02/20/2010 06:17 PM, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > the lack of a menu bar, or the lack of a status bar?
> The lack of the menu bar was foremost on my mind, 'cause
> that creates problems with keyboard navigation and so on.

the pretty drastic cutting away of these bits of app chrome give a huge amount 
of increased space for the web content itself: over 100px here (which 12.5% of 
the total screen height on my laptop). the menubar and status bar both provide 
very little value to the web browsing experience, and the content is 
everything. the keyboard navigation is indeed a huge issue, though, and one of 
the things i expect to have to be addressed at some point.

> > it's not whether konqueror is good enough, imho, it's about the
> > fundamental design goals. both konqueror's and rekonq's are valid, imho,
> > as they are for different use cases. no amount of working on konqueror
> > will change that without pissing off everyone who relies on konqueror's
> > design.
> Perhaps. I have to admit that I see Konqueror mainly
> as a web browser today, and would be happy if its
> mission were redefined as such. It was important to
> reassure our users that Konq's file management prow-
> ess wouldn't just disappear as we introduced Dolphin,
> lacking many advanced features initially. It was un-
> derstandable that trust in Dolphin wasn't there yet
> at the time: It was new and unproven. But I think it
> has proven itself by now, and I've seen many stead-
> fast Konqueror holdouts switch to Dolphin over time.

if we were to do this, i think we'd have to be _extremley_ careful in doing so 
and be very, very sure that konqueror as a file manager is not needed, not 
least because we said quite openly that we would NOT do this. it would likely 
be seen as us being sneaky: tell people not to worry, we won't do that thing 
and then we do it. :/ not very cool.

even then, with the features konqi has as a kpart based browser .. i don't 
think it's "reasonably solvable"; it would much more in the way of deep 
changes to make it a streamlined browser.

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