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Dawit A adawit at
Sat Feb 20 17:28:00 GMT 2010

On Saturday 20 February 2010 10:14:44 Markus wrote:
> Am Samstag 20 Februar 2010 16:01:56 schrieb Anders Lund:
> > I tried using rekonq some months ago, but gave up again quite fast,
> > mostly because it lacks some KHTML killer features: the ability to turn
> > off animations, and ad filtering.
> Rekonq 0.4 + Qt 4.6 has adblocking.
> > Another missing feature in rekonq was java - or is it only secure java?
> Rekonq 0.4 + Qt 4.6 supports plugins -- Java, too.

Unless Rekonq 0.4 which uses the same kdewebkit for KDE integration as 
kwebkitpart added its own Java integration, there is no support for Java 
period! It is one of the biggest missing features in qtwebkit. It supports 
flash, but no java!

> > The rekonq version installed here is lacking support for web shortcuts,
> > that is a must for me to accept it as my default browser.
> Rekonq uses Konqueror's web shortcuts KCM.
> > Some shortcuts should be set to common defaults, like F6 to focus the
> > address line and select all text there, and ESC to stop loading.
> That should be easily fixable.
> > Finally, some form of extension interface is needed, so that extensions
> > can be ported/added.
> In the future likely Mozilla's JetPack API will be supported.
> Rekonq's team still only wants to be an Extragear app (at least for the
> time being).

And they are right. There are critically missing features that need to be 
implemented in libraries they depend upon. Both kdewebkit and qtwebkit itself. 
It is not ready to be the default. Period.

Even the kwebkitpart whose aim it is to be 100% compatible with the existing 
configurations and plugins of the khtml rendering engine, is not yet ready to 
be the "default" rendering engine... 

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