Permission to backport Content-Disposition fixes to 4.4

Germain Garand germain at
Sat Feb 20 01:07:11 GMT 2010

Le jeudi 18 février 2010, Rolf Eike Beer a écrit :
> Rolf Eike Beer wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I would like to backport a bunch of fixes from trunk to 4.4.1 that touch
> > the parsing of Content-Disposition HTTP headers.
> [...]
> Is that silence just "go ahead" or am I already in everyones killfile?
> Eike

The patches look correct as in well-written, but clearly I couldn't help 
reviewing the actual conformance to spec...

So I just went through the set of tests at that is 
quite exhaustive, and I can confirm your set of patches makes a bunch of those 
pass that didn't previously.
I tested all tests and couldn't observe a regression[*]

Seems more than enough to me to plead for backport..


(*) btw, the 'dispext' test still didn't seem to work, though the code in 
trunk seems to imply it should... it is still opened inline for me.

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