David Hubner hubnerd at
Wed Feb 17 12:59:09 GMT 2010

On 17/02/2010 10:29, Andrea Diamantini wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 February 2010 10:57:59 David Hubner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have just currently become maintainer of KInfoCenter and now i have a
>> chance to look at the wishes and bug list i have come up with a list of
>> changes that i would like to implement.
>> 1. Application start shows the about screen, this can be removed as its
>> just duplicating data on the left side. Information about the different
>> KCMs can be implemented using tooltips.
>> 2. Have two different views, General and advanced as system settings has
>> implemented.
>> 3. Remove the left listview and replace categories with tabs, these
>> categories can be consolidated. The tabs will still be generated from the
>> KCM's .desktop files. I was thinking of the following consolidated
>> categories.
>> General View:
>> - Summary - Kernel Version, KDE SC version, distribution information etc
>> etc. - Device Information - Device viewer based on solid, this will remove
>> the devices, processor information, partitions and sound KCM's - XServer
>> Information - This will consolidate OpenGL and Xserver information. -
>> Network Information - Solid::Control will be used to get Nic information,
>> Samba will be moved here. - Memory Information - Current Memory KCM.
>> - Profiling Information - New KCM to implement speed testing.
>> Advanced View:
>> - IOPorts, IEEE 1394 Devices, PCI, DMA-Channels, Interrupts, SCSI and USB
>> devices KCMs will be moved here.
>> 4. Add two buttons to the bottom of KInfoCenter, Export and Help. Help
>> section will bring help for the currently selected KCM, export will export
>> the information from the currently selected KCM to text format.
>> What does everyone else think of these changes? Any ideas?
>> Thanks
> Just my personal opinion,
> I don't like the General/Advanced division.
> A lot of the "General" KCMs are really "advanced".
> The views are just divided in groups and (again, IMHO) that's enough.
> Regards,

It depends how you define the wording I guess, I see general and 
advanced tabs as general being frequently used and advanced being KCMs 
that are hardly used but can are there if you need to tweak a little 
more or need more information.

Maybe different set of wording for the divisions, General and Extra?

The "Extra" Kcm's will not exactly be a division, just an toggle menu 
option that will show the extra tabs.

David Hubner

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