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Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Mon Feb 15 23:13:26 GMT 2010


As previously said, the move has just been finished. I would however
need some help to move translations of kdat, lilo-config and ksysv GUI
and Docs... if one translation coordinator is listening to me.

Documentations docbook files have already been moved.



On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 12:05 AM, Nicolas Ternisien
<nicolas.ternisien at> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 9:08 AM, Sergei Andreev <seajey.serg at> wrote:
>> 2010/2/10 Andreas Marschke <xxtjaxx at>:
>>> KUser -  I think this could be integrated into systemsettings since it looks
>>> to me like its a UserManagement system like we had in the Control-Center in
>>> KDE3 right?
>> Bug 187154 - Add kuser, ksystemlog, kinfocenter and ksysguard as kcm
>> modules to be accessible via KDE4 system-settings
>> Also
> I agree for KUser (and more particularly userconfig), but putting
> ksystemlog and ksysguard inside of system settings looks no really
> logical from my point of view. Those tools are helping users
> "monitoring" their system, and you won't try to monitor your system
> when you go to system settings, because it's the place where you
> configure your system. KInfocenter is the same, it just displays
> information about your system, and you won't have to configure
> anything from this app.
> Maybe KSystemLog misses a global shortcut, that could be useful if the
> user tries to discover what it the problem with his computer by
> hitting 2 (or 3) keys, like the great Ctrl+Esc shortcut that opens
> KSysguard, but that's another debate.
> Nicolas
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