Permission to backport Content-Disposition fixes to 4.4

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Sat Feb 13 11:09:58 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I would like to backport a bunch of fixes from trunk to 4.4.1 that touch the 
parsing of Content-Disposition HTTP headers.

The first two commits are clear bugfixes with very few possible side impacts:
-r1072231: make checking for Content-Disposition type and parameter names case 
-r1073825: all Content-Disposition types but "inline" or nothing should leas 
to "Save as..."

Additionally I would also backport some patches that improve the Content-
Disposition parsing to be the best implementation around (see http://der- )

These are:

While the first one is functionally basically a noop as it just moves code 
around the second one actually removes a feature: RfC2047 decoding of Content-
Disposition arguments (which is explicitely illegal to happen according to 
exactly that RfC). The next patch again has no user-visible impact (it only 
passes additional values down the stack which will later be simply ignored)  
but then code is added to fully support continuations and encodings in those 
headers. Stopping after each commit is possible as they are all self-contained 
and leave a fully working parser with no regressions behind.

These changes come together with a test suite that makes sure not to break 
those stuff again. Since this has went into trunk I have not received any 
complaints about broken stuff.


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