recent mouse accel change ?

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Thu Feb 4 17:46:12 GMT 2010

Am Thursday 04 February 2010 schrieb todd rme:
> Where can we find logitech_applet?
the "official sources" are dead since ever, but i found the ubuntu/debian 
repos to be a good source then:
just download and compile the source

the ting is a bit tricky, "-e" enabled the "cruisecontrol" button, "-d" 
disables it, but any further query will say it's enabled and silently disable 
long story short: this is a snip out of my ~/.xprofile

logitech_applet -e
logitech_applet -d
logitech_applet -es 800

(t's first enabled, then disabled to get a defined state, -es 800 reanables it 
and sets the resolution to 800dpi - don't call it afterwards, not even for 
checking the cc state - use xev to see whether it worked)

> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 8:14 AM, Thomas Lübking <thomas.luebking at> 
> > Wrong list? (should be an X11 or kernel issue)
> >
> > However, the mouse behaviour depends on
> > a) "xset  m [acc_mult[/acc_div] [thr]]"
> > b) the resolution (for optical mice)
> >
> > 1.0 means that your mouse is not accelerated at all (so the behaviour
> > relies entirely on the device resolution, which probably changed)
> > For a logitech mouse, try the logitech_applet which will in addition
> > allow you to use all buttons etc.
> > If you cannot change the resolution (hard comppiled into the kernel, new
> > mouse, etc.) try "xset m 15/10 8" (or use the GUI in "kcmshell4 mouse")
> >
> > Thomas
> >
> > Am Thursday 04 February 2010 schrieb Martin Koller:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> was there a recent change (between RC2 and RC3) regarding the mouse
> >>  movement behaviour ? I've used a mouse acceleration of == 1.0 since
> >> ever, but suddenly the mouse movement is much slower (I need more space
> >> on my desk to cross the screen) than with RC2.

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