Review Request: Add "Open With" actions to KFileDialog context menu [via KDirOperator]

marcel partap mpartap at
Wed Feb 3 04:15:10 GMT 2010

> is this something that people actually do?
This always has been the biggest strength of KDE3: provide all possible 
functionality everywhere plausible. It was so cool - every simple task 
would use one or two mouse/keyboard actions less than on windows...
With KDE4, the opposite direction has been taken - simplicity is now 
considered the sane default - which SUCKS!, imho. It is always easier to 
take features out than to cram everything in and still make it work 
efficiently (while looking good).
To me, this adaption of the Win/Mac/GNOME attitude is a great loss to 
KDE. Screwing the die-hard power users in favor of 'joe user' might not 
hurt the market share, but it surely raises averse emotions in some. 
Alas, we seem to be in the minority so not much hope this direction will 

> it at least doesn't match the stated purpose of these dialogs.
Well who cares about the intended purpose of the dialog - if i see files 
anywhere, i *expect* to have the *freedom* of applying any file 
operation i might deem fit. Not being able to do that always is a great 
cause of annoyance. See GTK file dialogs, for really bad example... ^^

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