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Michael Jansen kde at
Mon Feb 1 01:03:24 GMT 2010

> that's fair enough; it is also true that it is currently your decision to
> stick to those design decisions.

I more than once said whenever someone implements an api compatible alternative i have no objection 
of using that one if we (as in kde) decide to do so.

But the global shortcuts code works. Like every other code it has pros and cons but it does it job. 
That's why I won't change it. But i won't play the maintainer and stop anyone to step in and change 
it. I advise the person willing to do that to think twice about it. You need asbest when working on 
that stuff.

> given our conversations on irc, i have no reason to believe that there will
> be any adjustments made if i create a transcription of what i've said on
> irc and send it to you as a file. but it's a moot point now: this email
> describes the issues.
> unless i've missed it (and i keep hoping i have) there is no clean solution
> for changing an application name (e.g. plasma -> plasma-desktop) and
> migrating the accels.

I was working on a solution to do it the last time we talked about it. And told you so. While doing 
that a certain commit entered the repo and i lost the interest in implementing it.

[... stuff i will answer to later ... ]

> i've described this situation to you before on irc and have not received
> any actual solutions. you say you want a document that explains the
> problems so you can think on them further. i suppose this email is as good
> as any.

There once was global shortcut contexts. It's even implemented but was never used. You remember 
'Design by Blog?'.

And that email is enough. I will come back to that tomorrow. It's pretty late (or more correct 
early) here so i have to sleep.

> if you want to continue this part of the discussion, let's do it in the
> appropriate thread.

Done that.


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