Git Scratch-Pads for every account (not only developers)

Milian Wolff mail at
Thu Dec 30 16:55:35 GMT 2010

Hey all,

I want to bring this topic to discussion. As developer of KDevelop and Kate 
I'm forced to jump through hoops to get code by new contributors in.

Right now the workflow is like this:

- new contributor says he has a patch
- asked to created account on
- asked to put patch on reviewboard
- gets reviewed
- if it's a single commit patch, I ask him to use git format-patch and send me 
the commit so I can git am it
- if it's a new feature or a big bugfix consisting of several commits the 
above is just a royal pita, hence I ask him to make his git branch public 
somewhere (gitorious, github, ...)

What I'd like to see improved:

- give every i.k.o account the ability to use his scratch pad without having 
the developer status.
- make it possible to create a review board entry based on a branch in a 
scratch pad repo. Bonus points for automatic/easier update of the diff based 
on this branch. And I know that reviewboard does not support anything but 
single patches (yes, I don't like this as well but I can live with it), yet 
something like `git diff $branch..master` can be automated.

And for the final merging of commits I could simply add their clone as a 
remote and merge it just like I used to do on gitorious.

BTW: Opening up scratch pad repos is probably also good for new people working 
on completely new plugins or apps, since they can use our git infrastructure 
from the beginning without first having to use gitorious/github/... I know 
that most people will run into problems sooner or later and need me or someone 
else to take a look at their code, hence "just work in a local clone at the 
beginning" is not an option.

Milian Wolff
mail at
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