K16 - call to arms!

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 11:46:31 GMT 2010

Dear friends,

You have most likely read the announcement of the K16 initiative* and the 
reminder by Frank. We'd like to talk about this again as we think it is 
important that you're there - the only way to successfully create any kind of 
vision for the future of KDE is if those who shape it are involved.

And there is some sense of urgency needed here. It's not a marketing stunt, 
people! Have you noticed the FOSS market share, at least on the desktop, is 
decreasing? Sure, FOSS does well on the Mobile front. With Android - not 
exactly a platform KDE could easily be successful on the way we work now.

We hope you care as much as we do about our future - what happens to KDE in 5 
years from now. Will this still be a fun place to work in, will we still be 
relevant in the industry? Many of you have a KDE related job, others aspire to 
get one some day. Or just have fun here, experimenting with things they find 
interesting. But for this to be possible (AND fun!) we have to protect KDE. 

We're soldiering on, surely, but there are huge changes coming our way and 
we'll have to adapt - or become obsolete. And that adaptation, we'd like to do 
it in a smart way. Think about it beforehand, create the right conditions for 
the changes to happen smoothly. Without having to create forks or have huge 
fights or anything like that.

Quite a few of you have thought about this, have opinions. Please, share them 
with us on k16 at kde.org

the K16 team

* http://dot.kde.org/2010/12/20/introducing-k16-and-future-kde
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