Adding KFontUtils to kdeui

Jeremy Whiting jeremypwhiting at
Tue Dec 28 13:29:42 GMT 2010

Albert Astals Cid <aacid <at>> writes:

> > > Anyway it's obvious i'm too late on this, let's just wait for KDE 4.4
> >
> > Maybe. I do not think I am in the position to stop you :) I have to agree
> > with Parker that the current suggested patch does not feel "Qt way",
> > though.
> Well, i've done all you both have suggested, so don't know what more you want.
> Anyway, let's stop this, makes no sense keep discussing for something that 
> maybe we'll never ship.
> Albert
> >
> > > Albert
> > >

Christoph, Albert, Others,

I'd like to see this happen in the 4.7 timeframe (sooner than later) especially
because it will help kdeedu/libkdeedu/kdeeduui disappear, which removes a
dependency of a couple of kdeedu applications prior to the migration to git.

Thoughts about the last patches sent by Albert? otherwise I suggest we move this
class into kdelibs/kdeui where all kde applications can benefit from it.

Best Regards,

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