Need help with "This module still uses K_EXPORT_COMPONENT_FACTORY"

Andriy Rysin arysin at
Mon Dec 27 16:18:41 GMT 2010

I need some help with KCModuleLoader: when I try to load kcm_keyboard in 
4.6 I get this warning

$ kcmshell4 kcm_keyboard
kcmshell(946)/kcontrol KCModuleLoader::loadModule: This module still 
uses K_EXPORT_COMPONENT_FACTORY. Please port it to use KPluginFactory 

so it fails to load the module if I compile kdebase with Mobile platform 
(as loader code which produces this warning is deprecated and not 
compiled for Mobile)

I tried to compare kcm_keyboard to other modules (which don't have this 
problem) and it does not look much different:

K_PLUGIN_FACTORY(KeyboardModuleFactory, registerPlugin<KCMKeyboard>();)

I'd appreciate any help on how to fix it right.


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