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2010/12/24 Celeste Lyn Paul <celeste at>

> This is a very interesting concept, but not necessarily for context
> menus. Imagine this design proposal as a first step towards merging
> window menu and toolbars, not too disimilar from the Microsoft ribbon.
> One weakness with the ribbon is that it limits the amount of
> functionality by what can graphically fit in the ribbon interface.
> Instead of going pure graphics, you could merge frequently used tasks
> (graphics) with extended functions and features (text menu items).
> This would preserve the amount of functionality in an application
> (Microsoft stripped out some features or moved them to different
> places in order to fit them in the ribbon). At the same time, we would
> have an updated look and feel to our windowing concept that maximizes
> common interactions.
> I think something like this could also be an interesting alternative
> to what IE7 does by providing minimal toolbar buttons and menu items,
> and hiding everything else. In this design, additional functionality
> would be on a true "second layer of disclosure" rather than "hidden
> away".
> Anyway, just some thoughts. I don't want to discount the design simply
> because of a few minor issues, because it is still in the conceptual
> stage. We don't want to shoot down ideas like this too early in the
> design process, otherwise we will never innovate.
> Just some thoughts.
I've just setup a trunk kdelibs build on my home computer so I can show some
examples of how this would look in both popups and applications menus.
However, I won't be home for the holidays and I won't be able to work on
this this year.
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