KDE 4.6 branch has been created

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Wed Dec 22 13:49:28 GMT 2010


I've created a KDE 4.6 branch under branches/KDE/4.6 containing the state of 
KDE 4.5.90 (RC1 proposed tarballs), however it also includes kdepim. My 
understanding was that KDE pim will be building their 4.6 beta releases based 
from branches/KDE/4.6, but that remains to be discussed still. 

The magic SVN revision is -r1208577. Any commit to trunk/ after that date has 
not been included in KDE 4.6 RC1 and will not become part of KDE 4.6.0 
*unless* you svn backport the change to branches/KDE/4.6. 

For translations/documentation, currently no branching has happened, 
trunk/l10n-kde4 remains the place for documentation for KDE 4.6. We'll adjust 
this shortly. 

Note that due to the non-existing message-merging (which needs to be converted 
now), string changes are not processed on 4.6 branch at the moment, and you 
shouldn't commit any of those. That should be fine as a string freeze is 
currently in the release schedule. 

Please keep release-team at kde.org in the loop. if you have any questions, 
please feel free to raise your question there. 


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