Advice needed on BIC

John Layt johnlayt at
Wed Dec 15 11:37:51 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 14 December 2010 19:53:50 Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> I'm not sure we really already care about keeping BC on Windows.
> Windows guys: do we ?

Maybe not yet and we may be able to change stuff _now_, but once it kicks in 
on Windows we don't want to have potential timebombs waiting to go off :-)

> A private function cannot be called by anybody outside the class, it can
> only be called from within the class, so private symbols should not make
> it into any user of the class, so removing private functions should be ok.

That was always my assumption.  Which also makes me confused as to why 
promoting from private to public would break BIC, why should any change in a 
formerly private symbol break BIC when it is essentially deleting a private 
symbol and adding a new public one?  Unless that's another MSVC 'feature' 
we're working around?


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