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Tue Dec 14 02:39:37 GMT 2010

A Segunda, 13 de Dezembro de 2010 23:48:54 Markus Slopianka vocĂȘ escreveu:
> In principle I like the idea.
> But can the execution also work in other areas?
> How many items can be grouped together in a feasible way?
> Currently I have KWrite open. When I look at the Edit menu, I see:
> Find, Find Next, Find Previous, Replace, Find Selected, Find Selected
> Backwards. Those are six items.
> It may work for three items like Cut, Copy, Paste and maybe even four (New,
> Open, Save, Save As) but six?
> Markus

not that it looks terrebly bad,it does not, but semas like a terrible idea its 
one of those things that will bite us in the proverbial ass 
inconsistencyes usualy do. also i see it fayiling big time with some 

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