kdebase-workspace and kdebase-runtime git repos to validate

Ian Monroe ian at monroe.nu
Tue Dec 14 00:22:38 GMT 2010

So kdelibs and kdebase are switching to Git, probably not Dec 20/21 as
was previously thought, but at the release of 4.6.0.

Whether its next week or next month though, its pretty soon. :)

I have three work-in-progress repos, the first two I created last night:

I've checked all the subdirectories and they appear to have a decent
history. One exception is some of the Solid modules which seemed to
have an early identity crisis. :) Check it out and let me know if this
is a concern and with help of people who know its history we could fix
it up.

kdelibs is the same one I emailed kcd a while ago:

For 'master' the history is appears fairly complete, some directories
go back in time further then SVN log did even. The branches
(especially the early CVS ones) are a bit confused, this is a
work-in-progress. cvs2svn has some known issues I think, but we'll do
our best.

The only repo I have left to start is kdebase-apps.

Thanks for any feedback you have,
Ian Monroe

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