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Thomas Baumgart thb at
Mon Dec 6 13:51:12 GMT 2010

Hi folks,

I have just moved libalkimia as part of Alkimia (see for details)  to kdereview 
for further processing by the community.

The plan is to move libalkimia to extragear/office/alkimia once approved and 
start using it in the various fincance apps under KDE. The start will be 
KMyMoney where we have a working patch to make that move but want to have the 
library in its current basic form in extragear first.

Things that have been done so far:

- API documentation is provided
- a set of unit testcases is provided
- krazy checks have been run and don't report errors

Note: there are no translatable strings included.

What probably needs some input/modification from reviewers:

- cmake for more platforms/distros

Thanks for all your work. Now awaiting your valuable input ...



Thomas Baumgart

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